SoftWash Roof Cleaning San Jose, CA

Environmentally Responsible roof & Exterior Cleaning Solution

Certified SoftWash Roof Cleaning process is safe on tiles yet tough on harmful elements. Softwash Roof Cleaning process eliminates yellow mustard algae, mold, lichen, moss, pollen, co2, fungi, and other harmful elements from the roof.

Pressure Washing a roof will cause premature damage to the roof tiles. Pressure washing a roof will break tiles, wash away tile paint, and protective sealer from the roof tiles, which protect your roof from rain and the sun’s UV. Replacing even a few roof tiles can be expensive. However, if these tiles are not replaced, they can leave you with a leaky roof and major problems.

SoftWash roof cleaning process uses 40 psi pressure (less than garden hose pressure). SoftWash treatment focuses on eliminating these harmful elements. SoftWash process will increase the curb appeal and extend the life of your roof. Contact us: (408) 693-5140

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